Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Wins in Four Years?? Pinch Me....

Yes my beloved Sox, or Saawwx if you're in the immediate Bahstin area... have won the World Series!! Again! Two times in four years! Hard to imagine seeing as how they went on an 86 year drought until the 'curse' was broken in 2004. I only have this pic because it was the only one I was allowed to 'save as' from Apparently they are afraid I will save and then print all their photos, sell them and make a gazillion dollars and overthrow Bill Gates as the world's richest man. Hrrmmpphh..
I did get to see the game form the third inning on last night. I was battling to stay awake let me tell ya'. But I managed. The Boys from Bahhstin have done it again and it makes my little heart happy.
I kept Mags awake on more than one night watching the games but she's happy for me.
Thank's guys. You've thrilled the good folks of RedSox Nation. You all played hard and truly deserve the big win. Enjoy your winter and see you in the spring.

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