Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Red Sox Are Trying to Kill Me

Yes. It's true. Two trips to the World Series in the last four years. This is certainly enought to ruin the good cardiac well-being of people in New England. I have been following the Sox since I was a wee lad and have had my share of heartbreak, like my forefathers before me. We are all Sox fans. Everyone in my family. My grandfather was especially loyal. I found out just how loyal one day when I said, in jest of course, that maybe the Yankees would take it all. He looked down over the tops of his horn-rimmed glasses and in a flash of snow-white hair and plaid flannel; I had a leather belt across my arse and spent the next two hours tied to the swing set in his backyard. In the rain.
And as I was watching game 7 the other night and as Dice-K was starting to wean in the fifth. I found myself twisting my head away as though I were about to witness a horrible car accident, muttering the words of my grandfather "Jesus Mary and Joseph..." followed quickly by "God forgive me..." Yes this is what the RedSox organization did to this Irish-Catholic church going man. Over the years they wear you down. But it seems lately the times they are a' changin'. The World Series win in '04 almost killed me. I spent every night up 'til past midnight watching my heroes win game after game. Usually in agony waiting until the final out. Thankfully Maggie was standing by with the paddles. Now they are doing it again. Down 3-0 to a decent Indians club, they rally back to win 3 straight. My little heart can't take this. So now we wait and see what develops in the coming week. A second Championship in Boston in four years? I'm glad I've got my will written.

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