Friday, October 19, 2007


Another work week is in the books, thankfully. And now it's time to kick back. Hopefully. Work is a zoo lately. I have been doing alot of heavy lifting. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I don't mind working hard. But lately, it's killing me man. I'm lifting bags of mail that range in weight form 45-60 pounds. It might not sound heavy to you big dudes out there but man, that 60 pound bag is half my body weight! Plus my back isn't so good. I've got two steel bars screwed to my spine form way back when spinal surgery was still in it's early days. So the question on your mind is probably 'Why haven't you ever had it fixed you crazy little bastard?' Well I'll tell you you nosey fucker. Spinal surgery is risky surgery. And it gets more so as you get older. And seeing I'm nearing 40 I'm not hot on the idea of being cut open again. Sue me. I told my Orthopedic surgeon as long as there's no chance the broken piece will come dislodged and skewer my intestines or come poking out my skin, it's staying as is. But I digress.
Work is a zoo but starting next Friday and for all but the last two Fridays of the year, I will be enjoying having every Friday for the rest of the year off. I chose Fridays because whilst Mondays suck like a nine-dollar vacuum cleaner, the biggest chance for idiocy occurs on Fridays in my place of employment. So hopefully, I'm dodging all of it. Or most of it. The benefits of PTO days. Sweet.

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