Monday, October 15, 2007

Fire. The Word You Want is Fire.

So I'm at work the other day and I'm working on a Scitex. It's a hi-speed ink jet printer. There is a conveyor belt & the piece I'm printing runs along and then it passes under a heater, to dry the ink. Sometimes we get some super glossy material. This means the heater has to be super hot and the piece has to be passed under the heater at a very low speed. So's the ink will dry properly. Okay, now...the glossy material is more likely to..well..burst into flames if it is under the heater too long.
Now that you know all that crap...If for any reason the envelope gets stuck under the heater for more than like, three seconds, it will go up like Michael Jackson's afro in the Pepsi Commercial. On this day I had my back to the machine when my co-worker Rosie, an older woman who handles all our paper work is passing by and suddenly she starts making this noise...."Oooooh!! oooohhhh! UUmmmm Hey!!Ummmm.. Connor!"
I turn to see three envelopes engulfed in flames on my conveyor belt. I roll my eyes and calmly shut the machine down. I then walk over, open the lid to our fire-bucket and then I grab the tiny edge of the one envelope that isn't on fire and drop all the flaming material into the bucket. I look at Rosie and say "That's a fire Rosie."
"Smart ass"

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