Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paging Mrs. FancyPants

Okay so last night we went to our local Toyota dealership to see about a left over Matrix. 2007 loaded, yadda yadda. Only like17k. On the way there my wife lays down some rules about buying a new car. She says one thing you must never do is drive the car and then tell the salesman "I love it!" as that sets off the 'sucker-born-every-minute' alarm in dealers. Well we get there and that car we were going to look at has been sold. Paul Leahy, our salesman sees Maggie checkin' out a '07 Camry. It is a sweet car. She hemms and haws and bites her lower lip. Paul gets the key and tells us take it for a ride. Well, we do. The car is hot. Rides like a big ol' Caddy. Smooth as butter. After a few miles the missus let's me jump in the driver's seat. Buckle up Miss Daisy. I pull out into the road and romp on the gas. The car shot foward and it handled sooo very nicely. The brakes are really good too, by the way.
Folks, for the money this car is a fabulous value. It is a luxury car.Plus it was MotorTrends car of the year and it is one of the safest cars on the road.
So we get back and Paul says to my wife "how do ya' like it?" and my wife, who briefed me on using my best poker face blurts out "Holy Crap I would give my left kidney for this car!" Well, that may be a slight exageration but it was close.
So we go in and haggle for over an hour. Finally the 'sales manager' comes over and says he's gonna call Tanaka in Japan and see if they can let us go any lower. Well, it must've been a good day in the land of the rising sun because when he came back he had taken another k off the price. I wanted two thousand more off but hey a grand is a grand. So Mags signed all the paperwork and drove home in a new Camry.
Mag says she feels guilty because her intent was to get me a new car. I tell her all the time a new car doesn't thrill me. I'm gonna sell my Tacoma and start driving the older Camry.
So it was a good night overall. Plus the Sox took game 1 of the ALCS over the Indians.

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