Sunday, September 9, 2007

Welcome Back Boys

Today is a very joyous day across our great nation. Men, boys and some ladies are revelling in the joyful return of the NFL.
Are you ready for some football?? Yes Mr. Williams I am. Bring it on say I.
The return of football means many things, most importantly. The onset of fall. Sundays are now Sundays. In my old neighborhood in New England, there were the neighborhood pick-up games of football. Tackle usually. Except for me. Given my slight physical condition, and not to mention even the teens towered over me, I was allowed the 'two-hand touch rule. Thank you very much. Many people partook. Kids and adults alike. There is nothing like a crisp fall New England Sunday. Some pick-up action and then to someones house to watch the Pats....
The season started with a freakin' bang for my beloved New England Patriots. This was the first full game I've had chance to see since early last season. It was happy and sad because while the Pats handled the Jets with ease, one thing made me sad. The fact that my good friend Marc wasn't here to see it. Marc lost a courageous battle with cancer almost two years ago. He was the biggest Pats fan around. He owned many jerseys and hats and lived for the start of the NFL Season. He bought the Madden football games every year for his PlayStation2..hell he even named his cat 'Bruschi' after the Pats player Tedy Bruschi. He was even buried in his 'BRUSCHI' jersey. The boy loved his football man. I sat watching Ellis Hobbs run his arse off and return that kick for 108 yards for a touchdown. 108 yards people!! I looked slack-jawed at the screen, and wanting to share this with someone I turned to the cat. The cat, of course, did not care. He would probably only have cared if Ellis was carrying a can of 9-lives, or a bag of Whiskas treats.Even then, the cat is very fickle....but I digress.
I miss my friend and the fall makes it harder to know he's gone. I would like to think Marc is allowed the privilege of returning to Earth on Sundays. Basking in the warmth of the sun, feeling the cool breeze on his face and watching his favorite football team do battle.

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