Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary

On Friday the lovely Maggie and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Five years ago in a nice, small ceremony we exchanged vows in a beautiful , historical inn in Farmingdale NJ.
It was funny because when we first met, we each swore up and down, "there is no freakin' way I'm ever getting married....Ever. Ever."
Well, here we are 7 years later. I have had a wonderful life with Mags. We have had our share of ups and downs and we've been through alot together. Each downfall has brought us closer together. She's got my back and I've got hers.
Last night we returned to the scene and had a fantastic meal, courtesy of Mims who sent us a nice little cash gift. We go to Our House on our anniversary every year. It is small, cozy and has fabulous food. Plus it holds alot of memories.
I hope the future is brighter and we get some breaks along the way. We both need and deserve it. Especially Maggie. She is, after all, married to me.
I love you sweety!

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