Sunday, September 16, 2007

Number 9.....Number 9....Number 9....

Or as the Walrus would say 'They say it's your birthday ! So Happy Birthday to ya!!'
We got up early on Saturday to head to my hometown of Warwick, RI to see little Cassie for her 9th birthday.

We set out early enough but hit a massive traffic jam at the George Washingon Bridge. After a 45 minute delay we were cruising along..until we hit exit 2 in R.I.. Bridge work. Another ten minutes in traffic. I hate traffic with a passion. I mean, I hate it. I'd rather be a three legged dog at Michael Vick's house than sit in traffic.. Anyways..

We arrive and greet the silly little birthday girl. She was happy to see us and we were happy to see her.

This was her first birthday without her Mom, and Mags and Meself wanted to make it special. Maggie excels at this kind of thing and found her an American Girl doll. Something the silly one has wanted for a while. Maggie hunted down extra clothes for Kit and even has a friend who was kind enough to make a skirt for the doll! Very nice. Actually the doll is wearing said skirt.

My cousin Lynn and her new man and his offspring were in attendance as was Aunt Chris.

We had a birthday lunch of pizza from George's and some KFC.

Cassie got some neat stuff and we all had fun watching her open the gifts. After the gifts, Cassie decided to start a new birthday tradition. Fred came over to blow up some helium balloons for Cassie and they decided to release them into the sky. Kinda like doves at a wedding...Well someone, I won't say who, got hold of a Sharpie and drew on most of the balloons. Some even had messages attached. We watched as they lifted into the sky and were taken into the jet-stream, heading out over the bay.

Later that night, we headed to a nice little Chinese restaurant my parents have been going to for years, the Jade Dragon. The food is excellent and you get really good portions and drinks are very cheap. The four of us ate for just about 40 bucks. Mims and Maggie shared a Volcano Bowl and I, not being as adventurous, had a Sam Adams.

We spent some time with Cassie Sunday morning before her Dad came to get her for the day.
We hit the highway about an hour later and stopped in at the cemetery to see Jen. Well, actually all of my dead relatives are there. My Dad, my grandparents ,my uncle Jack....
After a short visit we were back on the road and hit very little traffic, thankfully.
I enjoy visiting Mims, the house I grew up in, but let me tell you, the saying is true 'there's no place like home.'

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