Sunday, August 12, 2007

Top Story: Courtesy Gene Missing in Most Kids

Okay, so I'm not in a ghetto, but we're in a neighborhood with alot of kids. Loud, pesky , ignorant fucking kids. They sit in the street all night talking and playing basketball. They will not move when you drive down the road and they feel you've interrupted their game of hoops. They stand and level icy stares. 'Yo yo ! Youse bustin' up ooour game!'. Is what the look says. I'm gonna sound old tight now, but why do kids have no respect for anyone? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and lay blame whee it needs to be. The parents. Yes. The parents. There is no blaming video games, t.v. or rap lyrics for this. At a young age, seemingly most of us born before 1975, have been instilled with common courtesy. If you're being a prick and you've upset your neighbors to the point where they need to talk to your folks. You were made to apologize and, depending on your offense, were punished. Kids today do as they please. And I don't wanna hear any of that ACLU 'but their parents both worrrk..' whiny bullshit. No matter what some one does nowadays, someone has an excuse for them. It's a cop-out. The best is when someone kills a bunch of school children and inevitably their will be someone to say 'well, Mr. Jones had a very bad childhood. He killed these children with an ice-pick and buried them beneath his floor boards because his Daddy spanked him and locked him in the closet.'
Fuck you butt-monkey. Save it for Oprah.
The ideal of right and wrong is implanted in us from the time we are very little. We are taught our actions will have consequence. We, as humans have the gift of free will. We have to think about our actions and how they will affect those around us. Most times it is common sense. But sadly, that is another thing people seem to lack.
Yesterday I saw a teenager run up to Keith's house and hurl his body against the house and do a back-flip off of it. Twice. Now what the sweet fuck is that all about??
The kid hit the house so hard, the siding popped out. Consider this too. On the inside of this wall are two huge mirrored display cases and a mirror. What if these things fell? The couch, where Keith and Stacy and Skyler, not to mention the family pooches, spend their time, is right below them. If any one of those items fell from the wall and hit them , it would be a horrible scene.
Now some of you may argue that the kid didn't know these things were on the wall. Know what? you people suck. Disrespect. Idiocy. Lack of courtesy. Take your pick.
I think all kids need a course in etiquette. It could be taught in school. Right.....what am I thinking?

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