Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On A Happier Note...

Okay so the last post was an 'angry' post. We all need to vent now and again eh?
This past weekend saw the beginning of the English Premier League. The most popular football league in the world. The action was fast and many games went to the wire.

I always enjoy the EPL. The best players in the world play here and the matches are always exciting.

I remember in the days before cable (yes, showing my age, blah de blah). On Sunday nights our local PBS station would show a one hour segment, recapping the weekends matches. We even, on occasion, rolled the old black and white ( again the age, right ) into the dining room and watch the show whilst having our dinner.

I always enjoyed football and played a bit when I got older. Just pick-up matches with the boyos I used to work with. Always fun. I hadn't' seen any EPL on the tele in many years until I came to my new sate and discovered our local cable company carried Fox Sports Net. Which is now Fox Soccer Channel. I would tape the review show and watch it early in the morning before work, or late at night before bed. They now carry several games per week. Check 'em out!

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