Sunday, July 29, 2007

There's a Little Tiger in All Of Us

Some time ago, I was walking Crazy Dog around our development. It was a pleasant enough night. We passed several neighbors who waved and said 'hello'. Most even greeted the dog by name. The dog, in turn, cowered and ran to the other side of my body. The poor little fella is afraid of much. He's very shy. He is, thankfully, getting used to Keith, Stacy, Skyler and he loves Wendy's mother Prisci. On this day however, he was at his skittish best. Maggie and I always try to keep him on our left side when we walk him. Usually a gently tug on the leash keeps him there. We were strolling along enjoying the night when a neighbor from around the bend came along with his dog. A massive, probably close to one hundred pound Boxer. They are across the street to my right. Crazy Dog is on my left. As we pass, my neighbor and I exchange hellos and suddenly, the Boxer pulls hard on her owner's leash and comes at me. Before I know what's going on, Crazy Dog has put his little 30 pound body between me and the charging Boxer! His tail is straight up and he is growling and snarling and pulling hard on my leash to get at this dog! We humans both laugh a bit, pull our dogs into line and continue on. My dog however is still growling and doing his best to chase away the Boxer. I was impressed. This tiny little fuzz butt protecting his human. Sweet.

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