Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When it Rains it Pours. Literally and Figuratively.

It all started almost two weeks ago when the thermal fuse on our dryer blew. It has been a steady downhill slide since.
The people we called to repair it came out almost immediately and diagnosed our problem. Sadly the repairman did not carry the part we needed. Since it was such a small part Mags assumed he would have it. His reply, was, "If I had to carry every part I could possibly need, I would be driving a tractor trailer." A simple "don't have it handy ma'am" would have sufficed. He could get the part but it would take 5 days. Okay. One more week.
Yesterday the rains came and rain it did. Torrential, driving rains. A dirty 'oul day to be sure. So I'm driving home and suddenly my temperature gauge shoots all the way up to hot. Hot hot hot. I, vexed, call my brother in law Dave who is a mechanic and knows plenty about cars. He advises me to pull over immediately and call AAA. I pull into a small plaza and run into a pizza parlour and ask the man behind the counter for the street name I'm on. I know it's route 33 but street name is helpful. He tells me Rte 33 so I thank him and leave. I run into the next business, a printshop and approach the man in said store. He immediately screams at me to get "behind the front desk". He then takes a phone call and when he is done he storms over and asks me if he can help me. I calmly tell him I only need to know the street address. My car has died and I need to give AAA an address. He bellows "Well I'm not Triple A!" Really? Oh it was the printing presses that through me. Thanks for your time cock-bag.
I run back through the lashing rain and call AAA and wait. It could take up to an hour. Super. Luckily the flatbed pulls up in only 5 minutes. However, the driver backs up to the wrong car. I got out of my car because, I thought, silly me; he was here for me. When I called Triple A I told them I drive a 1999 Camry, four-door, silver, so it baffles me when the driver backs up to a 2005 gold, 2door Chevy something or other. I walk over, in the still torrential rain and ask him if AAA sent him. He says yes and I tell him he is about to hook up to the pizza delivery guys car. He looks baffled and says "they told me it was gold". I did not want to get into the whole different color, two less doors, completely different model thing..
So I'm towed to Daves and he says he will get right on it.
Mags gets home and I relay the news. She takes the news well. I guess. As well as you could take that kind of news. She saw my car wasn't home and was worried I may have been in an accident. Luckily no.
So back to our dryer. The company called and Mags returns said call and is told our repair man, while he has said part, it may be several days before he can come back and install it. This is not satisfactory to Mags and she makes it know. So we are up in the air as to when our repair will be made. We are waiting for a call from them telling us that maybe Friday it can be done.
Dave then calls and tell us that on top of the water-pump, the timing belt is shot and needs to be replaced.
So if anyone at all could send us some good vibes, Mojo, Juju whatever, we'll gladly take it.

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Jud said...

Well, the water pump isn't a huge repair. He'll probably replace the thermostat, too, just to be on the safe side.

I don't know much about dryers, but having stuff that isn't working properly stinks.