Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Seen here is Myself with my birthday present from Mags. A brand new grill. This is a new kind of grill. It cooks by convection? Instead of the flames directly hitting the meat, there are hoods over the flames and the grill sits on top of stainless steel plates that have hundreds of little holes in them. Im not too sure how it works, but it does.
My sister in law Steph went with me last weekend to pick it up but we were told we couldn't take the floor models so I had to have one assembled. It would be ready Monday Im told. So I call Lowes at noon and the grill assembly guy wont be in until later. So it will be ready by 7pm. I call Steph and tell her not to worry about it and could she do it tomorrow? She says her and Dave could and will do it tomorrow.
So tomorrow rolls around and I get a call from Steph. She is at the store to pick up my grill and there is a problem. (this is about 3 hours before my car crapped out on me by the way) Whoever assembled it put a massive dent in the front of the stainless steel panel. Dave tells them there is on way he is taking the grill like that.
So he gets the manager and the manager agrees to let him take a floor model after all. I tell Steph they can use their discretion about picking one out because they like the good stuff and won't take anything unless it is perfect. So they picked out the best of the bunch (which looks great as you can see) and drove it to my house.
They also gave me a card and in said card was a $15 dollar gift card for Wegmans, with a note saying "get yourself a couple of steaks or some burgers. Enjoy your new grill!" Nice huh?
So yesterday between Mags and Meself we got the grill from the garage, through the house and onto the patio. I then grilled some doggies and some burgers and later that night a London Broil. I think I'm going to really like this new grill, so thank you sweety! And thanks to Dave and Steph for picking it up for me.

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Jud said...

It looks great, and even this early in the morning it makes me want a burger.

Mags sounds like a real sweetie and your friends did you a solid.

Happy birthday (belated).