Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Englishers in Amish Country

So yesterday I decided to take the day off. I did it with the intention of hanging out with Mags and maybe doing something fun because on Monday she will be returning to work. I figured we could do something, anything, so she could go into the weekend on a relaxed note.
I suggested a trip to PA. Amish country. Intercourse to be exact and this seemed to suite Mags fine. We were misinformed about the business hours of the local merchants and seemed content to run an errand before we hit the road. Right before we left I Googled the store and found the hours were very different and opened at 9, rather than 12 as we were told. So after a stop at the hospital we hit the highway.
The drive was about two hours and it wasn't all that bad. Its simply down the PA Turnpike to 76 and then onto the smaller county roads. And it does get pretty scenic once you get onto 76 and get further into the state. Lots of rolling hills and farms. nice.
Our first stop was the Kitchen Kettle Village. An assortment of little shops and restaurants. We moved quickly from store to store because it was very cold yesterday. Only about 21 degrees. Still we had a good time. We then went to the building next door, the Old Candle Barn and browsed through their for a bit. Mags picked up some little things and then it was next door to another little shop that sold 'country' type stuff and of course, Amish goods.
From there it was down the road to an Amish furniture store. We browsed through their showroom and Mags may have found a desk she wants. Let me tell you, these Amish craftsmen are freakin' good. The quality of the work is superior to most of the stuff that's sold in retail stores.
Wrapping up the day we headed to a large buffet, oops sorry, smorgasbord, style restaurant called the 'Shady-Maple'. (On the way home I suggested to Mags that maybe we could open a strip club right next door and call it the 'Shapely Maple' but that was only met with a look over the top of her glasses and the sound of crickets chirping)
Her Mom raved about it and we figured we would try it out. It wasn't bad and there was a ton of food. All you can eat for 10 bucks. They had a massive gift shop downstairs so we perused through there before hitting the highway for our trip back home.
So overall, except for the temperature it was a good day. Maybe we'll get back in the summer and spend a little more time.
Later I'll post links to the sites we saw.
Thats it from Joisey. Stay warm.

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Jud said...

Come see the girls at the Shapely Maple, where they shake more than their leaves!

Sounds like a fun day.