Saturday, January 16, 2010

This and That

Well it's been a while. Truth is nothing too exciting is going on here. Work is busy. Lots of receives to receive and then we 'split' the bulk shipments we get down into smaller shipments to be sent to other, smaller branches. Heavy work but the day goes by faster when you're busy.

Mags desktop finally died and she replaced it with a laptop. She had always wanted one and the day after Christmas she finally got one. A week later she called me at work, very upset, she was having problems with the new 'puter. I had planned on leaving work early because I was feeling like crap so I told her when I get home I would have a quick cup of tea and then we could go back to Best Buy and return it. Which we did. With no hassle, and got an exact replacement. This one is working fine, thank goodness.

Weather here has been freakin' cold. Only yesterday, and supposedly today, will the temps get above 30 degrees and hit almost 40! Heatwave!

So I'm beginning to wonder if my new building is built on some ancient burial grounds or something. Since I've started there, several co-workers have lost family members.
In the past two weeks alone, my boss' Mom has died, two days later another supers' wife lost her Grandmother, a co-worker's father has died and his sister and mother are amongst the missing in Haiti. Seriously? Did we, as a group, piss someone off? Some spirits that inhabit our little plot of land in the new industrial park? Seriously, shouldn't the guys who bought and developed the land be getting all this? Or am I just reading too much into it? Could be....

We had a kitchen mishap last night. Mags had put together a fantastic steak dinner (with caramelized onions of course) and a salad. Half-way through the cooking process our smoke detectors went off. All of them in the house, screaming all at once. We could not figure out what the heck was going on. No smoke, but an acrid stench filled the air. I thought it was smoke. So I hurry up the stairs to see what is burning. Nothing I can see. So we sit down to eat and then suddenly Mags jumps up "I know what it is!" At Christmas I bought Mags two new cookie sheets and she simply put them into the oven for storage. She did not, however, remove the paper tags that were glued onto the sheets. So after dinner I spent over an hour trying to remove all the paper and glue that was baked onto the new cookie sheets. I did get everything so now hopefully they are salvaged. If not, I'll just have to buy new ones.

Weather should be nice today so I may wash my car and remove the inch of salt and road grime that is covering it.

I think that's all. Enjoy your weekend.

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Jud said...

Sounds like plenty of everyday excitement to me. Funny about the cookie sheets. I have done similar things myself.