Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Joke

Well greetings form the snowy wasteland that is central New Jersey. We are in the midst of the biggest snowstorm ( well the only one actually. so far) of the year. It is being heralded by the Weather Channel as "Blizzard 2009!". It's going to dump over a foot of snow on us here in the great Garden State and is wreaking snowy havoc elsewhere along the Atlantic corridor.
The storm started early this morning. Before I was awake for work. Yes I was going to go to work today. Last night over dinner I said to Mags "I bet nobody will show up for our big sale. I can't believe they won't cancel" Rescheduling is out of the question. I can't fully explain the madness involved in setting this thing up or breaking it down, but I'm guessing they will not reschedule. But the events of this cold early am leave my mind open to expect anything.
So after a horrible, restless night for both Mags and myself ( Mags did tranq me at about 130) I crawl out of bed at 630 and go into the kitchen to make tea and feed the boys. I get up extra early because I feel that the roads will be slick as the crews probably haven't been out yet. I have a small breakfast and get my winter gear on. I head out and sure enough, the storm has started. The road crews here in my area are pretty good about keeping things relatively clear. But I was out early before them and the going was slippery at best. My 20 mile commute involves mostly two-lane country roads. Except for 15 minutes of 'county highway' rte. 130 (four-lane road). My job is south of me. So as I go further south, the storm gets heavier, visibility is near zero and the roads are absolute crap. It is slow going and the trip takes me almost 50 minutes as compared to the 35 it usually takes. Not awful but still...
So I get to within, I dunno, a fucking mile of my job, my cell rings. I look at the caller id and it is Mags. I assume she is calling to make sure I got to work o.k. (She's sweet like that) I pick up the phone and this is our conversation....
Me: Hey babe
Mags: Con? You aren't going to believe this.
Me: okay......
Mags: "Someone just called and asked for you. I told them you had left a long time ago and were headed to work..."
Me: "and?"
Mags: (slightly upset) "They said to turn around and come home. The sale has been cancelled."
Me: Are you fucking kidding me? I'm a mile from the place."
Mags: "Sorry. Why did they wait until ten minutes before your shift was going to start??"
Me: "Got me."
Mags: "Well come on home and be careful."
I turn around in the parking lot of a small soccer complex and begin the treacherous drive home.
The roads are continuing to get worse and I crawl along the side streets to rte 130. One of the bad things about winter in New Jersey is all the big SUV's and the people that drive them. They feel like they are completely safe and snow won't affect them. Therefore they drive like ass-bags.
The roads are covered in snow, covered and I have these people riding up my butt then roaring past me. I hope they all got where they were going in one piece.
So I come home, make tea and Mags continues to try and figure out why the company would do something like that.
Well good news is, I made home in one piece and now we will sit and watch the storm from the warmth of our little home.
If the storms got hold of you, i recommend you do the same

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Madam Z said...

I'm glad to hear that you got home safely. Let's hope that your ass-bag boss(es) at least appreciate that you made the courageous attempt to get to work.

We in PA have been enduring the same weather you have. But it seems that everyone around here, SUV or not, has been driving verrrrry cautiously. Hubby and I are staying home till Spring.