Friday, July 3, 2009

Three Day Weekends Are My Friend

Yes a 3-day weekend is upon us. Work was tough this week. Physically tough. For me anyways. Mix my bad back with 40-60 pound boxes of books and the lifting of said books and you've got yourself one tired and achy Leprechaun. It's cool though. It was worth it when I got my check yesterday. My wife was also pleased with the check. I learned how to use the RF scanner gun at work yesterday. My boss is cool and told me 'if you have any problems just ask. I'd rather answer 20 questions and have it done right. And don't feel like you're buggin me. Just ask." This put me at ease. So I immediately, of course had a question. As the day went on though, it got easier.
The guys I work with, except for the GM, are all younger than me. Significantly younger I think. This is weird to me. I feel my age at the end of the day and when I hear these young dudes saying " I can't wait 'til I turn 21 so I can buy my own beer..."..well geez...

This morning CrazyDog had us awake at 5. It is tough for both of us. Especially Mags who has not only a stressful job, but with her Dad being very ill, it's twice as bad. She got up early with the pooch and told me to stay in bed and see if I could go back to sleep. I was going to protest but..I fell back to sleep. Sorry hun.
I mowed early and then ran to our local Shop Rite, which was packed to the gills and then to Home Depot and then the beer store.
Then I came home to do a few household things that needed doing and then I hit the shower.
It looks like it may rain again but I have 3 days off, as does me wife. So hopefully we'll get some quality alone time in.
Well I'm off to see my pop-in-law.
Have a good day all.

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