Friday, May 8, 2009


So we just came in  from visiting my father-in-law at the hospital. He has had a second stroke. He needs his carotid artery cleared and a pacemaker. He is, sadly, too weak for either. This has been a tremendous strain on the entire clan. He was very weak the other night and today seemed perkier. He is having a lot of trouble communicating his thoughts but he recognizes us when we come in and smiles. 
At this point, the docs say they think he can go back to the rehab center and maybe end up back at home. The word hospice has come up and as someone who has had hospice in their homes ( for my Dad who died of cancer in 2000) it is somewhat unnerving. The main goal is to get him home. He desperately misses being in his chair, being in his home and of course, he misses hiss crazy little dog Lucy. 
The days are filled with anxiety as we don't know what the day will bring, minute to minute. I've always said the man is tougher than Chinese Arithmatic and I hope there is a miracle in store for him.

The sun finally came back out today.  You know, that big bright thing in the sky. I was able to get my grass cut using my Scotts reel mower. Yeah, you know what I your grand-daddy used to own. Except now they weight like 22 pounds and are so much easier to handle. Best part? I no longer have to buy gas for the beast in the shed which I can't even start anymore. You'll think this sounds weird but the grass looks better when you cut it with a reel mower. The reason being the reel mower actually 'cuts' the grass, while the rotary mower 'tears' it. Stop laughing Im serious. It's the difference between getting your hair cut and getting your hair 'styyyled'.

That's it for now.

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Jud said...

I hope all works out for the best with your Pop-in-Law.

I understand the trepidation with hospice - I love the work they do and have tremendous respect for them - but the sound of the word makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

About how much does one of those old-fangled mowers cost? I would like to get one - and I know exactly what you mean about cutting versus tearing. One needs only look at the grass to see the difference.

Oh, and I tagged you to complete a meme/list thing. So man up and get it done.

All the best......