Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Bits

So yesterday was a busy day here at the Leprechaun Inn. I accomplished even more painting planted a couple more, well..plants and got our 'summer' dishes out. Mags had an appointment and stopped by one of her favourite haunts, 'Home Goods'. Although I'm not a big fan of shopping, I have to say they have some pretty cool stuff sometimes. Mags got a house-warming gift for a coworker, some trivets for Bubs and two very cool bowls. Just ceramic cereal bowls but the color is spot on the the color of our kitchen...again..Marth Stewart junior here....
I cleaned up our patio table and we enjoyed our lunch al fresco, enjoying the beautiful weather. It was in the 70's with a nice breeze. freakin' perfect! Tomorrow it will, of course, rain. And Tuesday. Natch.

Mags went back to work after a long stay-at-home to get her meds straightened out. She was filled with anxiety because at her job they change the routine like who knows what and she would have some 'catching up' to do. I told her to relax as she is a very good employee and she is sharp as a tack (or as we who grew up in Rhode Island say "my girls wicked smaaahht"). Needless to say, her three days back included some training and it all went well. 

I'm still hoping to get something soon. I enjoyed the first couple of weeks off. The pets were exceptionally happy to have someone home during the day. Chainsaw would have preferred it be Mags I think but the dog was tickled because we spend a lot of time in the yard playing. He is my little shadow.Hopefully the job market picks up soon..

Today I think we'll both just relax. Maybe get a nice little lunch out.  Enjoy your day all.

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