Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sham Continues

Okay so I've written about the trouble Mags has been having getting Monumental Insurance to make good on their policy. They are simply refusing to honor their product. Our Doctors office sent all the information over via fax last week ( they actually sent it three times but Monumental, ahem, "never got it") and Mags thought she was all set. She came home from work last night and decided to call them to make sure they did indeed have all the info they needed. Again, her chained was jerked. The rep whom she got on the phone told her that now they are contacting doctors she saw over 5 years ago to make sure she had no pre-existing conditions which would enable them to get out of paying for this loan. Funny, though, the girl at Freehold Toyota who sold the policy told us they( the insurance company) only went back three years, and it is clearly written on the contract that they go back three years.
The insurance company told Mags that they will contact every doc she has seen for the past five years and when Mags told her what the contract said the rep only said "well it's five years now". Mags then asked for a supervisor and was disconnected. 
She then called Freehold Toyota and was told, again, basically, 'too bad for you'. We were told the financial manager will be calling us today. Right.....
Today I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and sending a letter to the local paper. Will anything be done? Hopefully, but I won't hold my breath.

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