Monday, March 2, 2009

My Good Deed For The Day

We are right at this very moment in the middle of a heavy duty snowstorm. We have almost 8 inches on the ground and it's still flyin'. Cold nasty and very, very windy. A perfect day for being indoors. Anyways, last night I says to Mags "I must fill the bird feeder in the morning." I scored a really nice bird-feeder from work a few years ago and ever since I hung it my yard has been the hip dining place in the local area for those cute little song birds, and sadly, one little bastard squirrel. It is the place to be if you have feathers. And a long scraggly tail. Okay squirrels are cute and all but the birds need the seed. There I go again, digressing...
Anyways, I walked out the the shed where I keep the feed, which some field mice have been enjoying too, and then out to the little clearing in the woods to take down the feeder so I can fill it. Well I get to the feeder and to my shock, there is a tiny little bird stuck inside the feeder! Don't ask me how he (she) got himself (herself) in there but it was clear, my little feathered friend was very unhappy and very scared. I gently brought the feeder of the hook and placed it on the ground. I spun the lid form the top so he (she) could fly out. Well the little guy (girl) just flapped like crazy, bouncing around in the bottom of the feeder. I then tipped the feeder on its side and waited. The bird stopped, looked forward, twisted his (her) little neck to look up at me and then hopped forward. He (she) stepped out into the snow, had a quick look 'round and then flew into the brush a few feet away. I told Mags and she says "Good thing you went out when you did." Sure is..
Anyways. I found this guys blog, A Free Man, and he was doing this experiment with bloggers. An interview experiment. He's hooking up bloggers and having them interview one another. I wrote and interview for Sharala.  I'm still waiting to see who will be 'interviewing' me. If you're interested I think he's still doing it so visit his site and leave a comment on this entry.
That's all for now.
Stay warm


Madam Z said...

Ohhhhh, you are so tweet!

I'm going to go outside right now and check my bird feeder to make no one (male or female) is trapped inside.

Connor said...

crazy, right? Poor little guy. (girl)