Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Marty's Day or Patrick Who?? or 552 and couting...

Last night history was made at 'the Rock'. Again. 35 minutes or so after Patrik Elias' bit of history.
Marty Brodeur has set the NHL record of wins by a goaltender, surpassing Patrick Roy. Patrick Roy was an awesome goaltender right up until he hung up the skates a few years ago and was in attendance Saturday night in Montreal when Marty tied his record. Ever the classy and knowledgeable fans, the Habs fans gave home-town boy Marty a standing ovation after his record tying performance. Emotional. Tuesday night in Newark, the fans were ready for the record to fall and to be claimed by our own Martin Brodeur. Mike 'Doc' Emrick claims that fans greeted him with chants of 'Marty!Marty!' as early as 5 pm in the parking lot. We love our team and Marty is the cornerstone. He survived a late goal by the Hawks late in the third and when the Hawks pulled their goalie, held tight the fort to collect win # 552. The winningest goalie in NHL history. The great thing is Marty still has three years left on his contract and who knows how many more wins he can pile on in that time? This year he can also eclipse the all time shut-out record currently at 103, held by a Mr. Terry Sawchuck. Marty is at 100 so 104 is a very good probability his season. 
Here are some of Marty's achievements:
Most regular season wins (achieved in 2008-09 season)(552). Broduer passedPatrick Roy' record of 551
  • 2nd place, Most shutouts (96)
  • Most combined shutouts (122, both regular season and playoffs)
  • Most overtime wins (45)
  • Most consecutive 30-win seasons (12)
  • Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
  • Most 40-win seasons (7)
  • Only NHL goalie to score a game-winning goal
  • One of two NHL goalies (Ron Hextall) to score a goal in both the regular season and the playoffs

Regular season

  • Most wins in a single season (48, in 2006–07)
  • Most minutes played in a single season (4697, in 2006–07)


  • Most shutouts in a playoff (7, in 2002–03)
  • 2nd place: 22 Shutouts
  • Most shutouts in a Stanley Cup final (3, in 2002–03)
Tied with Toronto Maple LeafsFrank McCool.
  • 2nd place: 94 Wins
  • 3rd goaltender to win the Stanley Cup with a Game-7 shutout in 2002–03.
  • 1st goaltender in history to have 3 shutouts in two different playoff series. (1995 against Boston in the Conference Quarterfinals, 2003 against Anaheim in the Stanley Cup final.)


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