Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have You Seen Me??

Yeah it's been a while. I always start a blog like a house on fire and then it tapers. I get bored easily, what can I say. Plus most nights I haven't the energy to sit in front of a computer and blab about my life. So here is a concise update on the goings on.
The Patriots are like 17-0, they are going into this weekends game with Stan Diego feeling pretty good about themselves I'm sure. And why wouldn't they? I'm not a Giants fan but I am happy for my buddies at work. Giants fans both, they are nice guys and deserve to have their favorite team in the playoffs. Sadly, if we meet again in the Super Bowl, the Patriots will beat them like a rented mule. Sorry guys.
Last Tuesday I took a sick day. It was weird because, well....I don't get sick. really. I have the constitution of a Yak and when I take a PTO day it is for no other reason than I simply need a day away form the idiocy that is 'BigConglomorate Shipping'. I get 25 PTO days per year and used approximately 3 because I was sick or unable to work. If I do call out it is because my back is killing me and I couldn't go anyways. But mostly I just need a 'Mental Health Day'. But I digress.
Tuesday I stayed home and relaxed. The beginnings of the Head Cold that ate Memphis had decided I would be his next victim. Fool that I am, I decided on Weds. that I was better enough to go back to work. This was a bad idea. And the more I worked, the worse I felt. On Thursday night, Crazy Dog barked all. night. long. And when I say barked all night long I am not exaggerating, he barked from 8pm until 5am, when I finally got up to remove his vocal cords. I'm not going to get into a whole big thing here about what a headcase Crazy Dog is. If one little things is out of place in the house. He will bark. And bark. and bark. and bark...until we find out what it is and remove it. He barked one night for three hours until I discovered that a sock was on the floor of the laundry room.
Anyways. I went to work Friday with 3 hours of sleep under my belt. It wasn't pretty. I almost had my hand removed while trying to adjust a machine, while it was still running. This goes back to the food-processor thing, sadly.
I caught myself in time and was able to remove my rapidly disappearing shirt-sleeve before my hand went bye-byes. The day lasted for an eternity and when I came home I ate dinner and slept. I fell asleep in my chair at around 7. Awoke in time to tape "Big-Boobied Girl Who Sees Dead People" for my wife and then dragged my ass up to bed. We have a lovely bed, btw.
I slept until 5am, when my wife got up with me and made me some chicken noodle soup. Yes she did. At 5am. She's awesome and you're jealous. I know. I went back to bed until like 8. Had lunch at noon and promptly went back to bed until dinner time. After which I well, went back to bed. Sunday was much better and today, well back to work. Mondays blow.

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Lynn said...

Awwwww... poor robbie bobby.. i hope you are feeling better!!!