Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Da' Man?? You Da' Man Marty

A super big Congratulations to my man in Newark. Well, he's not my know like that..although he'd be my wife's man if she had anything to say about it. But I digress..
Martin Brodeur, who notched win number 500 last night over the rival Philthadelphia Flyers. It was a good contest but the big guns on the Devils side are starting to brush away the happy summer memories of golfing and maitais on the beach to dent the twine more and more and before long, they will be back on top of their division. A lot of the off-season moves seem to be starting to come together.
Hey, I'll never doubt Sweet Lou Lamoriello. He is a wicked-smahhht hockey guy. So whilst Marty is number two on the all-time wins list only behind the slightly neurotic ( he talked to his goalposts people) Patrick Roy, the idea of Marty reaching and breaking the record of 551 wins is a very good possibility. Patty was an awesome goalie in own right and Marty actually grew up idolizing him in Montreal, but I'm thinking by the end of the year we may have a new all-time goal tending wins leader.
So Marty good luck to you and the boys for the rest of the season. And da' man.