Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekend Update

Well I've survived ( barely) my trip to PA. Our first stop was the home of Maggie's childhood best-friends home. Deb and her man Don live in a super nice townhouse in a very quiet city named Berwyn. It is always a good time when the four of us get together. Well, my wife and Deb provide most of the entertainment. When these two get together let me tall ya'. I love being with them because a: they enjoy each other so very much and b: they are very, very entertaining. I'll throw in a good Irish joke now and again and Don, well mostly Don does damage control. He does his best to keep Deb from starting trouble. Trouble could be an argument or, well, a small riot. This has yet to happen but hey, it very well could.
After a drink at Deb's we went to a friend of hers for a little BBQ. Bob and Laurie are very nice people. They have a really nice home and they were gracious hosts. They were, however, unprepared for the 'Deb & Maggie Show'. Deb and Mags regaled the group with tales from their wild, misguided youth. From the time Deb stole her mothers car to come pickup my wife and then had to have a friends dad park the car for her because she couldn't back it into the driveway. This was because there was no 'B' for 'backup on the shift column.
There was also the time Maggie bought pot from her older brother. The pot was really, Oregano. Debbie wondered what the big deal with pot was for many months after that.
There were many more stories and Bob and Laurie seemed somewhat stunned. Neither said much until Don corralled Deb and said "It's getting late." A wave of relief seemed to wash over our hosts faces.
Once back at Deb's I sat on the leather sofa prepared to watch some Stanley Cup action in HD. It was soon apparent that my dinner was in the revolution stages. I told Don to put a fork in me, I was done. I went to sleep immediately and slept well until about 1 am. It was then that the evil living in my intestines was ready to come out and rule the world.
I must say I have never vomited quite so violently. It was bad. My head spun, I was sweating and freezing at the same time....the coolness of the bowl was both refreshing and irritating. I was Retching so bad, if Sigourney Weaver had seen this she'd be like (low whistle) "daaaaaammmnnn...." Honestly, this was Alien 4, or whatever they're up to, in the making.
I laid in bed and Maggie at one point went and made me tea. This seemed to help a bit. At about 10 I ventured downstairs and everyone went "daaammmmnnn..."
Soon though I was taking some aspirin and some more tea. Feeling better, I felt we could indeed go to Wills ( Debs' son) graduation party.
We all piled into Dons car and headed to the city. We made a quick stop at the Continental Martini Bar where Don's on is the manager. Everyone but me had a Bloody Mary or Mango Mash or something with the alco. When the waitress came to me I just muttered "hot tea"
The manager says " we have lots of nice herbals.." I cut him off "black, nothing fruity.." He nodded and soon I had my tea.
After this we arrived at Will's home. It's on S. Front Street. It is directly across from Penn's Landing. This home is amazing. I'm a big fan of old architecture and this house was a treat. I'm guessing it's about 200 yrs. old at the least. It has a fucking elevator! An elevator people.
It is four floors of 1800's funkiness. Sunken rooms and large windows that face the river and the bridges...amazing. Matter o' fact, it will be featured on HGTV this month sometime. You must check it out.
After the party we headed back to Deb's and then hit the highway for our trip home. Maggie was snoozing as soon as we hit the PA Turnpike. It was smooth sailing until we hit the Jersey Turnpike. We sat in traffic for a loooong time. By the time we came to the next exit, my trusty navigator had awoken and we hopped off the Highway to Hell and followed back roads home. It was so good to be home. With my crazy ass cat and dog. Man, there is nothing I hate more than sitting in traffic. Well, except for retching like I'm about to deliver Beelzebub via my stomach..that does suck worse.....

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