Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today was a spectacular day here in Jersey. The temp never got out of the 70's and there was a nice strong breeze blowing all day. A nice big blue sky with nice fat fluffy white clouds cruising by. (I think ballplayers call this a 'high-sky... don't ask me why).
We were both awake early, courtesy of our psychotic dog. We were experiencing a perfect 'sleeping-night', you know nice and cool..low 60's nice breeze.. But here's the problem. Boyo hears a noise, any noise at all...could be a cricket farting a fucking block away, and the dog goes ballistic. And he barks and barks and barks. And when he barks like that I want to remove my ears with a cheese-grater. And he'll pace in tight little circles..and the panting..sweet Jaysus....and he'll go for like ten minutes straight.....Finally, the cricket died and there was piece in our home...until about 545 am...when Delta flight 576 from Bombay to Newark passed over his yard. This shit has got to stop. Neither of us sleeps through the night. It's starting to get to me...but I digress
Early this morning, Maggie decides to have herself a little yard sale. She sets up at the end of her mom's driveway, which is on a very busy road but has no luck. Except for 2 people looking for directions to a nearby racetrack.
I ventured to Lowes for some stuff for the yard and furnace filters. Exciting right? No. Not exciting. But that's okay. I've had enough excitement already this year to last me 'til the New Year.
I worked on the Zen Garden and will post pics soon. I swore I would do nothing this weekend but that went out the window. Our very cool neighbors popped in for a bit and we all had a drink before they headed out for a party. Keith was kind enough to give us some really nice Belgium blocks and I lugged them out back to use in our ever growing Zen Garden.
Now, dinner has been eaten and we are both relaxing. The cutie is working tomorrow so I might just try and catch some soccer on the tube or maybe try and call the Redman.

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