Sunday, August 14, 2011

She's Bionic Pt. 2

When I finally settled down and got myself somewhat calm, I called the hospital. Mags was still doing good and they had actually gotten her into a chair. she was in bed for days after her first open-heart surgery, so the fact that she is sitting up a mere 36 hours after her second open-heart and a surgery that was much worse than the first was happy news.
Two days later she was in a 'step-down' unit. The 10th floor which was for heart-surgery patients. I called her and she seemed to be in pain and was less than happy with the food.
So we talked briefly and I let her go because she was so sleepy.
Going to work was hard. Trying to concentrate on my duties was difficult knowing Mags was in the hospital so far away. I went up on that Saturday and let me tell ya', for someone who was practically cut in half and had her heart worked on she looked really good. The nurse came in and actually got her up to walk a bit. I was happy to spend the day with her. She slept most of the time but that was okay. After dinner I drove home and did some relaxing.
During the week, Mags was moved out of the step-down floor to a regular ol' room. Meaning she was a step closer to coming home. I was so happy because she was doing so much better with this valve-replacement than the last one. She was doing sooooo good.
This made all of us who care about her very happy. Progress was being made, the strides she made were tremendous...until the following Saturday morning, when, at two am, her heart stopped.

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