Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes I'm Still Amongst the Living

Yes, I know, long time no post. Working hard, here and at work, you know the routine. Work has been busy the last few weeks and next week we will be having our Winter warehouse sale. So I'll be getting some much needed overtime. It's easy really, unless I get stuck out in the parking lot directing traffic. I volunteered to do that during the spring and summer sales. Standing outside making overtime?? Hell yes I'll do it. The winter sale however, not so eager.

I finally broke down and went to a doc about my constant low-back pain and after examining me deduced that all the muscles in my lower back are 'spasmed' and I would benefit from physical therapy. So I signed up and have had 4 sessions already. It is mostly stretching and 'strengthening my core'. Which translated to lay mans terms really means, 'bending you like a little pretzel until all your good remaining muscles burn like they are ready to leap through your skin, kick you in the face and run out the door into the night'.
I'm no sissy by any means but this is sometimes a challenge. I was told by my therapist that because of my condition, one side of my back has been compensating for the other side for the last 30 or so years and now it is catching up to me. So that's where I'm at.

I have almost all my shopping done. Just a few little things left to get for Mags and something for Tom. I think today the tree is going up. This involves a trip to the attic and passing things down to my lovely assistant then bringing everything down to the living room and setting up.

It is cold today and feels like it may snow. My back is really achy but that comes with the weather I 'spose.

The Devils are playing some pretty crappy hockey lately and that vexes me. They have a great roster but can't seem to get on track. They are playing today and I forgot so I wont see the game. I haven't caught one game yet this year, of course I'm not really missing much.

That's all. Stay warm

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