Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

I speak of the nitwit that goes by the name of Justine Winter. She is the selfish bitch (there are better words but this is a family blog) that decided to kill herself once her boyfriend cut the crazy ho loose.
In text messages to him she basically said well...Im going to kill myself. She attempted to end her life by driving at 85mph down a long stretch of road and then, instead of lining up a tree to eat, she crossed the highway and slammed into a car carrying a woman and her 13 year old son. Worse still, the woman was 4 months pregnant. The accident killed all of them.

Does the story end there, with a harsh jail sentence? No of course not. This is Amercia after all, the land of the unexpected, the tried and true and of course, the frivolous lawsuit.

Yes lawsuit. This little ahem, person, is suing the estate of the woman she killed claiming (good Lord I cannot believe the court didn't thump the attorney who filed this on the head with a dump truck full of walrus crap) claiming the woman she killed Erin Thompson, was operating her vehicle in a negligent manner. Yes the woman driving her young boy home from a school event, driving along at 30 mph, in her own lane, on he side of the highway, obeying traffic laws and was her fault. Not the person who crossed into oncoming traffic at 85 mph. Seriously. Did this really happen? Are you guys messing with me? No. It happened. Her and her Dad Randy Winter, also filed suit against three separate companies that are supposed to maintain the particular stretch of road the attempted suicide took place on.

The suit was filed in the court by Justine's lawyer Dooshy MacBaggums, and apparently the court felt that this big steaming pile of crap had some merit to it. Really? Are you guys in Montana that bored? Are you just following the trend of screwing the victim? This poor guy lost his wife, child and unborn child in an act of recklessness, a deliberate intent to hurt and you've allowed a suit to be filed against him??? Wha????

In a perfect world the judge would have read proposed lawsuit, chuckled heartily, then grabbed the lawyer by the lapels and thrown him out the nearest window. But alas, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in America. While I love my country, people take this whole "it's my right" shit waaaayyy too far and until someone in the courts system grows a pair and puts an end to this nonsense, it will continue to happen.

As far as I know, nothing new has developed in the case of the killings of these poor people. The little snot could get up to 200 years in prison without chance for parole, and she is going to be tried as an adult....but we'll see.
Lets hope justice prevails in this one and the Thompson family is spared a long trial and of course, having to deal with that moronic lawsuit.


Jud said...

Wow. What a scumbag.

Madam Z said...

This is one heck of a sad story.