Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She'll Be Getting Her Own Parking Spot Soon

I speak of my lovely wife, who is hospitalized. She has been sick for some time now and this past weekend she was really down and out. I mean this girl is tougher than Chinese arithmetic but man oh man, she was worn out. She had run a fever since Thursday, alternating freezing, sweating buckets and slept alot. A-LOT. Not to mention the horrible cough than had her awake most of the nights. Not only does that hurt your ribs, throat etc, but it is also tough on your ticker.
On Monday she finally decided to go to the ER and she was promptly admitted.
She is receiving IV antibiotics and steroids. Plus breathing treatments and she is on oxygen. I went for a brief visit tonight and she seemed better although the cough is lingering. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow or Thursday.
She is in good hands as the staff at CentraState is taking excellent care of her.

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Jud said...

Hope you get better soon, Mags!