Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lucky Number 7

So yesterday was our anniversary..Luck number 7.
Every year I try and do a 'Happy Anniversary' Post but last night I just did not get to it.
Mags and I have been through a lot together. Too much for some people I guess. But together we plod on. I wish I made more money so she could quit her stressful job. She's a very good person and deserves to at least have a good job. I mean, she's already got a great husband, so really, isn't that half the battle??
We are pretty good together I must say. We work well together. We are currently in a rough patch, given the illness of her Dad and Grandmother and the stress of her job. But we will survive. Hey Hey. We will survive....sorry

Every year we treat ourselves to a nice Anniversary dinner. So this year we go to Longhorn for our anniversary last night and we arrive early and are seated right behind the hostess station. By the door. Not my first choice, but it is a nice place and i am, after all there to celebrate my 7yr anniversary with Mags.

Trouble begins when the only other two people in the place, who are seated right freaking, next to us, start talking. Well it was only one of them. A woman, who had to be in her 60's and her elderly mom. The mother was a small woman in a wheelchair, eating her apple-thinger desert. The daughter opened her mouth and started yelling to her mother like she was in Canada. I wish I could actually demonstrate this for you but the best thing i can tell you is to cup your hands over your mouth and scream like your getting an alien anal-probe.
"Mom!! How does it feel to be 85!!??" She then, in her best 'evacuate-the-building-there-is-a bomb-in-the-basement' voice, starts doing the math, out loud; trying to prove to her mom that she really is 85. The mother is silently praying for a jumbo jet to fall on her head.

The mother, looking shocked replies (quietly) that she would like to go back to the nursing home. The daughter insists, and people in the nearby Wal-Mart will attest to this, that "no she doesn't" (scream this like you're on fire)
The mother is quietly and quickly chipping away at her desert because her friends will miss her and she wants to get back. And her ears hurt. At one point she tells the daughter "Shut your gob and help me with this pie."

The yelling continues and we ask our server to be moved into another part of the building. She tells Mags 'sit where ever you want'. Mags pics a table across the street and we order.
Dinner was deelish and we enjoyed our anniversary meal very much. Mags even got some to take and had it again for dinner tonight.

We then went to see her Bubs and JW for an hour or so and now we are winding down. She on Yoville and me ...well..here..

So Happy Anniversary cutie!


Jud said...

Happy anniversary. I shall look forward to the anniversary posts each year from you, now.


Madam Z said...

I would guess that the loudmouth's mother was hard-of-hearing. I used to have to shout at my step-mother in order for her to understand anything I said. Needless to say, it wasn't fun going out to eat.

But I'm happy that you and Mags were able to escape.