Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother Nature You Vex Me

So yesterday and the days preceding yesterday were super nice here. We hit the 80's and yesterday the mercury crept up on 90. This morning I awoke to find that it had rained overnight (shocker, I know) and the mercury was back down around the 48 degree mark. A drastic drop if I do say so. It is good I guess. I got a lot of yard work done yesterday. Mowing, pulling those f*&%*# dandelions, and trimming up the hedges out front. I even got some outdoor time with CrazyDog once the sun went behind the trees and the temperature dropped. His massive double coat makes even temps in the 60's kinda unbearable for him. We will be having him groomed up soon and that seems to help. But for now, he awakens us every morning with his panting. It's like being awakened by an obscene phone call. He could sleep down in the kitchen where the tile floor is always cool, but he is a pack animal and wants to sleep with us, his pack. He guards us while we sleep and if we have to get up in the night for anything, he will follow us, watch us, and follow us back to bed.
Today there are a few errands to run. CrazyDog needs his nails trimmed. I have a trimmer but I guess I'm not taking enough off. So it will be off the the local PetSmart. A trip to the bank, dry cleaners and the mall for an emergency shoe repair for Mags.

On a different note, I happened to pass a business that was very close to the one I was formerly employed in and noticed they had a sign out front advertising help wanted. I popped in and filled out the application, which only had like 5 questions on it, which I thought was slightly odd, most apps. have more like a page and a half don't they? I started to ask the receptionist but she looked unhappy, like she may be sitting on a cactus, so I rethought my previous thought, filled out my app, gave her a copy of my resume, wished her a good day and left.

Okay, time to hit the road.

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Jud said...

With a neighborhood of small children, I have given up on eradicating dandelions and from now on will farm them and see how many varietals of them I can grow. Every friggin' loves to blow the seeds everywhere. And I cut the lawn service out last year.

Side note: If the kids are playing with a hose on a hot day, if you turn your back for more than five minutes you may find that they have gone to the shed, grabbed a shovel, and dug through the sod to make a hole for their mud spa.