Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Drove 45 Minutes For This??

So the other day my friend calls and says there is a Job Fair in Edison, a town about 45 minutes north of here via the New Jersey Turnpike. I was excited and got some nice resume paper, copied my letter of recommendation, got some references together and go them all together.
I was up early, had a nice shower shaved, made myself presentable and hit the highway for the event. I wanted to get there early and beat the rush. It was held in the ballroom of a hotel and the parking lot was full when I arrived so I had to park next door in another hotel's parking lot. 
I dashed through the rain into the lobby and found a man set up at a table and a basket that said "Resumes" on it. I dropped in a resume and he told me to go down the hall to the left. I was excited, expecting to find companies like FedEx, Costco, Sams' Club and who knows what else. What I did find was a room filled with people. The people milling about were, of course, job seekers. They were milling about the tables of 6 or so companies that showed up for the so called 'job-fair'. The companies there were 4 or 5 financial firms, AFLAC was there as was DISH Network (looking for people to climb onto roofs and install dishes) and of course, Mary-Kay I even left the room and walked down the hall to see if there were more employers.  I then walked back to the man at the desk in the entry and asked "Is that it?" He shrugged and said "That's it." I wish it had been advertised as a 'professionals only' job-fair so I didn't have to waste my time and gas.
Now when they advertised this event, they listed 7 or so companies and the ad even said "Plus many more!!" Many more what? Tumbleweeds?
This is getting more and more frustrating. 


Jud said...

Hang in there. Have you thought about adding "Award Winning Guinness Drinker" to your list of personal accomplishments? When I added it to mine at least it started conversations.

carrie said...

you could totally sell Mary Kay. also, you could be a dish network installer.

Madam Z said...

Well, at least you had some practice in shaving, dressing up, beating the rush and milling about. That will be helpful when you do get a job, which I am sure you will, before much longer.

Remember, I am Madam Z, and I know these things.