Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fasting Again? Who Am I, Gandhi??

So I went for my yearly physical the otehr day and part of that is 'fasting bloodwork'. Meaning that after midnight the day of your bloodwork, you can eat or drink nothing. Nothing. This means no morning tea, which means a slightly irratable leprechaun. Slightly. No only slightly today because the missus and I have started going to a new doctors office. Same group, different office.  The new office is very nice in a brand new building. The staff is very competant and friendly and the new docs are very thorough. But I digress. Again.
During my physical I mentioned that I had been having some pain in my neck/throat area. A dull, kinda throbby pain that radiated away from the area. My doctor felt my neck and did say she felt something in there. Sadly, it was not a wad of fifties. She didn't seem overly concerned but given my family history, I should have a CT scan. So once again I will be fasting on Friday (yes the 13th. Don't think I didn't hesitate before booking that one) from 5am until after my scan. Hopefully it is nothing more than a fatty something or other. Maybe a third eye! How cool would that be??
After that I will scoot into the little cafe at the gift shop and have me a nice big cup of hot tea, and maybe a muffin...or cookies. 
Wish me luck...or don't.... your call...

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