Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boring, I know

Not too many things have happened here since my last post. Nothing awfully exciting. I had my CT Scan on Monday, was rejected via email for a job with a company I've  been trying to land with, and have decided that maybe my brain just doesn't seem to be completely in sync with me or my appendages.
The most exciting event of the past few days occured during the week at a very early hour of the morning. Why do bad things always happen before 5am? Nothing exciting ever happens at say , 1 oclock, just after you've had anice big lunch. Belly full. Ready for action. But again, I digress.
At four am Mags got up to go to the bathroom. She also decided to brush her teeth. What followed was a very panicked wife waking a very much sleepign husband. "I've done something stupid."
She was in no mood for a witty retort and I was frankly too tired to provide one. "What's goin' on?"
"I just brushed my teeth with___" (note here: it was not toothpaste) and the tube of said 'not toothpaste' warned that one should call Poison Center if this product is ingested. So we both ran downstairs to get the phone book. Mags found three different 800 numbers. None of which were manned at this time of the morning. So if you're poisoned between 8pm and 8am, you're screwed. I found a local office in the YellowBook and they actually answered! The nice man said that the warning on the tube was to protect the manufacturer of 'not toothpaste' and she should not worry. The worse side-effect may be a slightly irritated bowel thing. Relieved we went back to bed. I was the only one who slept. Mags stayed awake, still shaken and partly afraid I'd write about this in my blog.
I am still waiting for the results from my CTScan. I think Mags summed it up best when she said "bad news travels fast." So no news is good news. Right?? Anyone?? Also, no result from the blood-work part of my annual physical which was more like an 18-months physical, being a little overdue. It was a complete physical and everything seemed to be in fine working order. She even offered me the 'bonus' part of the examine, but I protect that part of my body like Israel protects it's airspace.  And although there was nudity, on my part mind you, there was no screaming, fainting, gasping  and most importantly,  no laughing. I'm hoping the good doctor has recovered from the shock of seeing me bare-arsed. I apologise if you're reading this Dr. Mo. 
When I left my job, things were being away at work. Things like office supplies, a picnic table or two, file cabinets, shelving units. One of the things I got was a 3-in-one copier/faxer/scanner/printer thinger. Wait that's four isn't it? Well, Mags needed to fax something somewhere and I finally downloaded the software for the machine, set it all up and attempted to fax said forms. I tried and tried without success. Mags, at this point, has come to help me. We both examine and reexamine the machine and go over the on-line manual. I shake my head thinking the thing is crap and that's why it was given to me. Suddenly, one of us realises something very, very important. There is no phone line running to our fax. 
Weather sucks today. Raining (surprise) but it is relatively warm so the snow fore casted will probably never happen. Now if you'll excuse me I'm due for my Ginko.

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