Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pics Finally

Here is a pic of my niece Cassandra. She was showing my something on the computer..Barbie dress-up or something..

Here is me and my buddy Jim. A very nice guy and he's pretty handy. He's doing all the finishing work in his new house. And I do mean all of it. When I showed up he was putting flooring in the upstairs bedroom. We had a couple of beers and chatted for a few hours before I had to hit the highway.

Blurry but here is a pic of me and my great-aunt Dot. She is the cutest isn't she? We are both standing btw and I'm 5'2. I'm telling ya' it was like a Leprechaun convention in that kitchen. She has lived within the same square mile in the city for her entire 96 years. The first 50 years in the house she grew up in and the last 46 1/2 in the house she's in now. We had a nice little visit and she was thrilled to see me. 
I've tried my darndest to fix the blur in this pic in Photoshop but I think it's a lost cause.

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