Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nutn' honey

So I've been Blogger-inactive lately. On Saturday Mags picked up Adobe PhotoShop Elements 7 and I must say, I'm addicted. I've been making headers for Mags blog and I'm going to try and rework mine tomorrow. Other than that I haven't been doing much. I did go to the eye doc for my annual exam and..I need reading glasses. Bummer right? Nah.. I can hande it. Weird thing is I wore glasses from early in my childhood until my late teens. Then I didn't. I told Mags this and she told me I probably didn't really need glasses as a youngster, I just got a doctor looking to make a buck, or he was just really bad at his job....I was even in bi-focals at 16?? What the fook? "So," I says to Maggie, "I was tortured all those years for my dopey glasses and I didn't even need them?"
"Sorry baby, looks that way. You're eyes don't just get better over time. They'd get worse."
Damn. I mean I really got my balls busted. I didn't help that my mother got me those thick black frames ala the Far Side. Add to the fact that I was in a large back brace from neck to hip and that made for a very unpleasant childhood. 
So anyways...I just got a call and the glasses are ready. I'll go tomorrow I guess and get them. They were reasonable. I went to Pearle and they are incredibly outrageous. The pair I got for 149 at Cohen was very similar to the pair at Pearle and they wanted 325!! Keep 'em buddy.
Weather sucks today. Two inches of snow overnight (and yes school was cancelled) then turned to rain. Still raining and very dense fog as the temperature is dropping like my stock in the PetRock company.
Mags has a dose of something so I took her to the docs and then to LuckyStar for some great Chinese food for lunch.
We popped into see her folks as they are on the way home and had a cup of tea with them. We were there last night for Bubs birthday and I did a few little things around the house for them. 
So that's the big exciting update...I know I lead a thrilling life...
Stay warm....

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