Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Not Rico's Fault Zuleka, Blame the Post Office

Yesterday at work, I was sorting mail and I was about the put a cardboard sleeve on a tray of our mail, when I noticed something stuck to the top of the inside of the sleeve. It was, I guess, a Christmas card. It was postmarked on December 1st and was sent from Houton Texas. This isn't unusual. The Post Office sometimes overlooks mail and we have found all kinds of mail stuck to the bottom of trays, in the bottom of happens.
This was a Christmas card though. Important shit man. An not to mention form a man to a woman. I don't know Rico's relation to Zuleka, but can you picture it? Here's poor little Zuleka sitting under a banyan tree in Puerto Rico, handcrafting a Rico Voodoo doll because she think's he's blown her off on the most important of all holidays??
So to do my best Dr. Phil, I was sure to place teh missent parcel into a mail tray, laying right on top of our mail, in plain sight, hoping that it will eventually get to it's destination.
So Rico, your card is on it's way. And Zuleka, put away those hat pins...

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