Sunday, December 2, 2007

Two Posts in One Day?? You Crazy Little Bastard!

I just enjoyed a nice dinner and watching the Devils game and now I'm sitting down listening to some music so I thought another post was in order.
So it snowed last night. The evil from the sky. I awoke to a light coating on the cars and lawn. Luckily I did 85% of the leaf-raking yesterday. We both slept in and by 'sleeping in' I mean we were not up at 6 freakin' a.m. I got up at about 645 and fed the animals. I then shut them out of the room and slept until about 945. Mag was up at about 8 or so I'm guessing.
I am in a slight funk. Christmas is coming up and I don't really care for the holidays. Honestly. Too much stress. I don't need stress. Stress can cause cancer and since I'm already predisposed to cancer I don't need any fucking help into an early grave, thank you very much.
I had a pretty full day today. We drove to our local Petsmart to have CrazyDog's nails trimmed. He is such a wild man in the parking lot. Cars scare the poop out of him (today it was literal) and I have to often pick him up and carry him into the store. He's little but at times it's like wrestling an alligator. We got into the grooming area and I'm giving the young lady behind the counter my info and I notice poop on the floor. I tell the young kid that the dog that was just in left him an early present and I told him his behaviour must've been kinda bad this year. He goes into the back to get towels and I notice more poop. I look down and CrazyDog is 'carpet-bombing' our local Petsmart. I want to scold him but he has never done this. Really. He's very good about doing his thing out of doors. I tell him in a soft voice that crapping on the tile floor is bad. I then rub him behind his ears because I know he feels the same way about coming here as I do about going to the dentist. After we're done we go out and make a donation to the local SPCA and head up Route 9 in the still falling snow. We hit the back and then come home for a sandwich. Afterwards we get back into the car and we take a drive to see Maggie's place of employment. The place is huge. Apparently the head honcho spend a truck load of money on the building, then he gutted it and spent even more on custom furnishings and making the entire building fire-proof.
Our trip took us thru a very exclusive town. I mean it is awesome. The homes are in the million dollar and up range. Mostly horse farms. Very pretty homes. We then hit a local artists studio where they do all kinds of glass-art work. Very talented folks here at Folio Art Glass.
I'm not one for shopping but there is some really neat stuff in here. Plus they have a super-nice little doggie.
Once home we both settled in and watched some Law and Order and ten minutes into the show, we both fell asleep. We snoozed for a bit and the Maggie made a killer turkey breast dinner with corn and stuffing.
Tonight will be a quiet evening at home. We'll watch Cold Case and then probably hit the sack.
Tomorrow the work week starts all over again. Man how the weekends fly by.

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