Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's About Time

Yes, the Tree is finally up. We have been slacking lately. My poor wife is getting home very late from work at night and by the time she gets here, she wants two things. Sleep and sleep. Although her new job is stressful, she's doing pretty well. She is in customer service and let me tell you...I would be very, very bad at that job. I'm a sociable kinda guy, I can get along with just about anyone but she takes alot of verbal abuse from the customers and she should be commended for not telling them to feck off. But I digress.

Usually our tree is up by the first weekend in December. Last night about 9 we decided the Tree should go up. The setting up and decorating is the easy/slash fun part. The killer is getting all the stuff down from our attic. See, we have no 'pull-down' stairs to our attic. What I need to do is get my trusty 16' aluminum ladder from the garage and maneuver it throught the house, up the stairs, and into our bedroom closet. Sounds like a good time right? Wrong. Once that part is done, I must hand everything down to Maggie and from there we carry everything down to the livign room. Then the fun begins. We put a little Tony Bennett Christams music on and had a little holiday drink while we decorated. The tree came out nice and we only put like have the stuff we have on it.

We enjoyed being in our warm, little home while a Nor' easter howled outside. The nastiness continued today and in between rain squalls I ran outside to hang a garland around our door and some lights over the bay window.

I am almost done shopping for Mags. I have two more little things to get and one gift I ordered is out of stock! Grrrrr! (to quote Cassie)Hopefully it comes in before the big day.

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