Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Hope She Spilled Her Coffee

So I'm driving to work the other morning. I pass a small farm or two, a couple of schools and the other stuff you see on your way to work. I come into town and slow for the traffic that's slowly building. There is a red light ahead and traffic is backed up abut ten or so cars. Since the light is red, a Good Samaritan in front of me is letting folks coming from the opposite direction make left turns. It's a nice gesture and since the light is red and I'm going nowhere I don't care. Hell, I would do the same thing. So the light turns green and our Good Samaritan waves one more car through. I start forward and a large dump truck turns hard and fast in front of me. I slow not wanting to become the new hood ornament for a twelve-ton dump truck. I tap the gas to head forward and a woman in a tiny white lowgasusgaelowemissionssavetheplanetimwearingmyfavoriteBerkenstockstodaybatteryoperatedwindup car decides she will pull the same crap. She slows down and gives me a smirk. I grin and romp on the gas pedal of my Fill'erupjackrompingonshrubberyandspewinggravelhirisewithbiggiantoffroadtires15mpgToyoatTacoma and the tires screech and the truck lurches forward like a rooster being hit the arse with acattle-prod. Her smirk is quickly replaced by a look of 'holy crap!'. I slow the truck as quickly as I raced ahead and I'm sure I had at least 6 inches between her rear fender and my front bumper. I catch her giving a quick glimpse in her rear view mirror as she putters her way to work. I smile to myself and turn up the radio.

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