Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Today is my lovely wife's birthday! She is an amazing woman, truly she is. I am so very lucky and furtunate to have her as my wife.
She is funny, cute and she's also wicked smahht. Oh, and she's a great cook too.
She is a very giving and caring person and she is always putting the needs of others above her own.
She is a 30 year Hodgkins Disease survivor, a breast cancer survivior, and has had an artificial heart valve implanted. She never mentions this and never complains. The girl is tough as nails!
She, like me, is the most responsible child in her family. This sometimes causes her grief because everyone leans on her to do things for her elderly parents. She does this without word of complaint.
She was an incredible source of strength and support for me and my family in our two biggest times of crisis. The death of my Dad in 2000, which, when she learned he had passed, jumped into her car at that moment and drove 5 hours to Rhode Island to be with me and my family. And most recently when my sister Jen died.
She is always ready to lend an ear to a friend who needs someone to listen and ready to dole out some handy advice to that same friend. She is my biggest supporter and has helped me grow as a human. (As opposed to a houseplant I guess?)
She is beautiful and wonderful....I hope you have many more birthdays baby. I love you!

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