Saturday, July 7, 2007

Go Ahead, Heap More Shit on...

Late yesterday, after my ranting post, the computer in my wife's car went. We don't know what it will cost to replace, but it has to be done. This morning, Maggie called her mom (who from here on in will be referred to as Bubs) and asked her what is going on. Maggies nephew, who lives next door to Bubs and J.W., was taken to the E.R. at 4 am because he may or may not have been having a heart attack. He's a young dude, early late 20's I imagine.
And my wife needs an Echo on her heart....She had an artificial heart valve put in three years ago and the Doc wants to make sure it's still functioning okay.
Will this fucking shit ever end? I'm slowly losing my grip. I've fucking had it.

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