Saturday, June 2, 2007

On the Road

Well, the weekend is upon us. It is hot today. I was up at 7 and when I slid the patio door open to let CrazyDog into the yard, the humidity hit me in the face like a big, soggy mop. So what did I do? Mow the lawn, naturally. We have a small yard, it takes me about an hour to mow, trim, and blow the clippings into my neighbors yard. Still, when I came in I was soaked.
Today we are hitting the highway to go and see our friends in Pennsy, Deb and Don. Deb and my wife, the lovely Maggie have been friends forever and they often regale us with tales form their wild, untamed youth.
Tonight it's dinner at the home of someone whom we have yet to meet and then we will spend the night at Don's home in the quiet suburbs of Berwyn. They have a pretty freakin' nice house let me tell ya. And the best part of their development? No kids.....sweet
Tomorrow it's into the city for a party for Deb's son who is graduating college with his degrees in Chemistry, Rocket Science, and most importantly, Mixology.
It looks like it will be a nice day for traveling.

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