Saturday, May 26, 2007


Welcome to yet another blog attempt on my part. I have another one but I'm guessing nobody reads it. Either that or someone at that counter site is messing with me. Either way it's slightly disheartening.

Today I find myself in a funk of the highest variety. I am

1: severely sleep deprived. I have not slept past 6 am in the last, oh I dunno, four years or so..okay maybe that's a stretch but it is catching up to me. I am a freakin' zombie and have no desire to do anything.

2:... fucking bummed out about my sister. She is in the midst of a huge fight with that fucker we all call cancer. She has been at it for some time. She has had several surgeries in the past year. Two on her head, skull region. A couple on her neck, throat area. She continues to battle and we are amazed she is as strong as she's showing. She is down to 75 pounds and the doctors tell her the Radiation she is recieving could paralyze her from her neck down. She wants to continue. At what point though is enough enough? Don't get me wrong, I love my baby sister to pieces and we're all amazed at how tough she is but how much more can her little body take? I think at some point I'd just say, "shake my hand, tell me you did your best and send me home with a keg of Guinness and a bottle full of vicodins." I know she's getting Morphine, but I think that would ruin the taste of the Guinness.

3: well hey who wants to hear this right??....

I saw the second in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies today. Really good stuff. It was a nice escape from reality. I'd go to see the new one in the theaters but the way things go nowadays, it will be on HBO by Christmas.

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